About Us

We are a community of sluggers, commuters, software developers, designers and transportation professionals that are united around the goal to bring technological innovations into commuting. We believe that:
  1. Mobile apps will make slugging even more efficient and more popular for DC commuters along
    I–95/395/495 corridors
  2. “Slugging” style of casual carpooling started in Washington, DC can be used by other DC commuters, in other metro areas of the US and globally
  3. A community of drivers, sluggers and commuters will save time and cost, help preserve the environment, and increase sustainability of our metro areas

Rush hour congestion adds 82 hours per year to the average commute around Washington, DC

— 2015 Urban Mobility Score Card

The Planning Time Index recommends adding 50 extra minutes of travel time to a trip that usually takes 20 minutes

— Mobility Data for the D.C. Region

About $1,800 wasted in time and fuel, per each D.C. commuter, in 2014

— Bill Eisele