Press Release

New App Connects Commuters for Ridesharing Between Woodbridge & Tysons Corner

Sameride Commuter Community announced today it launched a new app, available on iOS and Android, that takes advantage of smartphone technology to create new slugging routes to connect commuters for ridesharing along the I-95/495/395 corridors.

Washington Post

What happens when a group of transit wonks ‘Play with Traffic’?

The most recent meetup of “Transportation Techies” focused on how the sharing economy could improve commuting. A digitally promoted slug line could whisk commuters from Woodbridge to Tysons by making use of highoccupancy vehicle lanes.

Mobility Lab

Finding traffic and car ownership solutions through ride- and carsharing

At the August edition of the Mobility Lab sponsored Transportation Techies: Playing with Traffic II, in WeWork Crystal City, a group of programmers presented some of the ways people are sharing rides and cars in the D.C. region.


Save time and cost on your commute to Tysons Corner

Slugging, or “casual carpooling,” allows commuters to take advantage of HOV and HOT express lanes along the I-95/495/395 corridors for faster and more cost-effective commutes. However, it has been difficult for commuters to establish new slugging routes.