At Sameride Commute, we are buidling solutions that make commute faster and less costly. Launched in 2016, Sameride is serving hundreds of commuters and growing. Our values:
  1. Customers
    we do what benefit our customers.
  2. Teamwork
    we create cooperative enviroment with respect and trust to each other.
  3. Sustainability
    our sulutions are built to last and evolve over time.

Common Questions

What happens after offering/requesting ride?

After offering or requesting ride, the notifications are generated to commuters who are interested in respective commute. It is important to allow notifications in your settings to be notified about relevant rides.

How notifications work?

Notifications are triggered if somebody offered or requested ride for commute you are interested in. After you have jointed the ride/accepted ride request, you will be recieving notifications if anybody else joins the same ride. Notifications are important and should be allowed in your mobile device settings.

Where is pick-up / drop-off located for a morning ride?

For a morning ride pick-up is usually at commuter park&ride lot. Both pick-up and drop-off are indicated in ride offer or request. While in the car riders can ask driver to drop them on their way if it works for the driver. And usually drivers are OK with dropping at rider's office building if it is a small detour.

Where is pick-up / drop-off located for an afternoon ride?

For an afternoon ride pick-up location is usually next to rider's' office building or metro/bus stop - this should be indicated when rider is joining the ride. Drop-off location is a commuter park&ride lot indicated in ride offer or request.

How long in advance to Offer/Request or Join/Accept ride?

The earlier you offer/request or join/accept ride the better. This allows more time for other commuters to respond. You can offer/request ride up to one week ahead. For example, If today is Wednesday, you can offer/request ride up till the Wednesday next week. Currently the most commuters offer/request rides a day in advance.

What if ride does not have enough riders to take advantage of HOV / HOT express lanes?

For 3+ HOV/HOT express lanes offered ride might end up with only one rider. It is possilbe to check other rides if any passenger might be available to move to your ride. In case this does not work, it is up to the driver and the rider to decide whether to ride together or not, whether to take regular or express lanes and how to pay for express lane if later.

How many seats to offer?

It is advisable to offer at least one seat more than you need riders to take advantage of HOT / HOV express lanes. This approach will provide additional options for riders and backup for the driver.

Is it possible to adjust time of offered/requested ride?

Yes, but not advisable as it will requires all other ride participants to confirm they accept the change. If you absolutely have to do it, make respective comment to your ride.

What to do if I am not able to perform the ride I have offered, joined, requested of accepted?

Cancel your ride offer/request or join/accept as soon as you know you are not able to ride as commited. This will affect riders and/or driver who joined or accepted your request but the earlier you cancel your ride the more time other ride participants have to act on your cancellation.